Recommendation Letter from German Ambassadors

Recommendation Letter from German Ambassadors

Recommendation Letter from South African High Commissioner

Recommendation letter from the German Embassy

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
New Delhi

Bernd Mützelburg
Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany

New Delhi, 22nd December 2008

Julia Hillebrecht

Dear Ms. Hillebrecht,

Not only with pleasure, but with utmost conviction do I grant your request of support for Priti and Kuku Arora´s Sunshine Project by means of a recommendation letter from the German Embassy.

This project is one of the most convincing humanitarian projects existing in the greater region of Delhi. It offers its poorest and most vulnerable inhabitants the street children, a home, facilitates school education, allows for medical care, permits them to experience the closeness of a family. In short, it offers them a real perspective for their future.

Kuku, Priti and their helpers can be highly admired for their work, which they accomplish with selflessness and reliability. Everyone who supports them can be absolutely sure that this money will really be used for the needy children.

As you know this is the reason why the German speaking evangelical church of New Delhi supports this project through donations as does the German Embassy.

After my wife’s last visit to the project a few days ago, she enthusiastically urged me to help in speeding up the progress of the most needed building renovations. There is no doubt about it. The Sunshine Project deserves and requires as much assistance as possible.

Therefore, I wholeheartedly support your efforts to promote the project.

Yours sincerely