A special visit, by the Lufthansa crew members - June 2022

A special visit, by the Lufthansa crew members to the Sunshine Project, which the kids thoroughly enjoyed. help alliance

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Manjeet Paswan won Bronze in Table Tennis state tournament in Gurgaon - July 2022

Manjeet Paswan won Bronze in Table Tennis state  tournament in Gurgaon

Yoga day celebrations - June 2022

Yoga day celebrations

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Elias, an Austrian football coach, training the Sunshine kids! - May 2022

Elias, an Austrian football coach, training the Sunshine kids!

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Earth day celebrations - April 2022

Earth day celebrations 2022

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Khushi, Sub junior girls Delhi state boxing championship 2022, Bronze medal. - April 2022


Khushi won a silver in inter school boxing competition - December 2021


Times Now Report - (September, 2015)

Kuku receives an honour at the German Embassy - (March, 2012)

Finally Kuku was given an honour that he has long deserved. The Indian NGO 'Earth Foundation' put on a large stage show at the German Embassy, New Delhi and with that, honored 5 NGO’s. Kuku and the Sunshine Project was one of them.

Along with this honour he personally received a cheque for 1,600 Euro, which he decided to put straight towards the Project.

Kuku words cannot describe, how proud we are of you.

Letter from German Embassy.

'Clowns without Borders' visits the Sunshine Project - (February, 2012)

In February we had a wonderful visit from 'Clowns without Borders' (www.clownsohnegrenzen.org). This team of clowns came extra from Munich to put smiles on the faces of our children. The show was incredibly entertaining with lots of fun and laughter for everyone. The German Center in Gurgaon (A suburb of New Delhi) and the German School New Delhi made it all possible. The German Center offered us a large conference room and the German School sponsored the school buses to drive the children to the venue.

A big 'Thank You' to the Clowns. Absolutely amazing that these volunteers from Germany go all over the world spreading a special kind of magic and fun to children less fortunate than our own.

Sunshine Project is now an approved NGO - (December, 2011)

After several months of bureaucratical battle, the Sunshine Project has been approved as an NGO (Non Government Organization). This status helps us enormously in our everyday life. For example, when corrupt officers come by to ask for money because they ascribe us to support bonded child labour (Really happened to us). Now, this NGO status secures us. Besides, we are now also allowed to issue donation receipts for Indian donors. A big 'Thank You' to Kuku, who has proved real patience during the approval process and who never gave up.

3rd annual Sunshine Bazaar - (November, 2011)

Again the amazing parents, teachers and students of the Falkenstein Primary School (www.grundschule-falkenstein-taunus.de) have gathered together to help the Sunshine Project. An incredible 1.053 Euro was collected. Many many 'Thanks' to all involved at the school for this very special effort.

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New Facebook Page - (October, 2011)

Since October 2011 you can visit us on Facebook at the new page 'Sunshine Project New Delhi'. Here you can find out all the latest information about the Sunshine Project and look at lots and lots of pictures.

Birthday Party at McDonalds - (August, 2011)

This year the children of the Sunshine Project had just one very special wish, just once a birthday party at McDonalds with all that they can eat and drink.

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From August onwards, everyone can donate directly online - (August, 2011)

At www.sofortspenden.de/de/kinder/start one can directly donate online to our Sunshine Project. This link has been made possible by one of our super sponsors Joy Holler

Many 'Thanks' Joy.

New Rooms - (March, 2011)

It is finally done. With all our strength we have been able to complete two new rooms in just a few weeks. Although the study room upstairs provides not enough room for all our children, fortunately not all of our children are there at the same time so it is working out wonderfully well. We have split up the play room downstairs to provide an area for the smaller kindergarten children with a shop, play kitchen, cave, and many small tables and benches to lounge on with lot's of storage space for toys underneath. The colour choice of the walls is happy and inviting, one would almost believe that they have entered a German Kindergarten. It is very beautiful. Please have a look at our gallery of pictures as we are extremely proud of what we can now offer the children.

Please have a look at our picture gallery.

Big Donation - (January, 2011)

'Big News' The Sunshine Project has been chosen as worthy recipients of a donation that we applied for some time ago.

Now we are busy planning our dream a room purely for study to be built on our rooftop. In our existing room downstairs we continuing to plan a child friendly games room. After the children have completed their homework upstairs, they will be able to move around and play in a freer more relaxed environment downstairs.

Trip to the Fun and Food village - (December, 2010)

To take a day trip once a year this dream for the children was this year also possible thanks once again to all our generous donations. Last year the children took a trip to see the Delhi Planetarium. This year they all went to an exciting amusement park here in Delhi. Large buses came and took all the children out for the whole day to Fun and Food village (www.funnfood.com). The children were delighted and had hours of fun on the carousels and roller coasters and of course drinks and snacks were had by all.

For our own children a day like this may be very normal but for these children it is an absolute treat, a definite highlight of the year. A big 'Thank You' to one of our sponsors Karl Fraenzel, who with a very large donation made this special day possible for our kids.

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2nd Sunshine Bazaar - (November, 2010)

For the second time the primary school in Falkenstein, Germany (www.grundschule-falkenstein-taunus.de) put on a 'Sunshine Bazaar' at their school. They sold yummy waffles, cakes, real Indian Chai and a wonderful Indian Soup (Recipe on the schools homepage). The students got very busy and created lots of Indian arts and crafts to help and support their friends in Delhi. The children at Falkenstein Primary can be very proud of their achievements as now with the funds that they raised. It is possible for the school to have their own sponsor child Priya and send her to Public School for the next 2 years. We would like to thank all the parents and teachers that did such an amazing job to make the Sunshine Bazaar as successful as it was.

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Birthday Party - (August, 2010)

This year we again celebrated the birthdays of all our children on one special day in August. In years past, all our children received the same present. This year, we did something different. Every child was able to wish for his or her own special present. Four weeks before the birthday each child presented a slip of paper with their special wish written on it to Kuku and Priti. Then we got to work and 120 different presents were bought and specially wrapped.

As naturally balloons, cake, sweets, ice cream and lots of food belong to any good birthday celebration. All of these things and much more (Magician, Tattoo artist, A woman to apply face paint and hair decorations) were made possible by your generous donations to the Sunshine Kids. The children thanked us many times over with so much joy, laughter and many many smiling faces.

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School Reports and Awards - (March, 2010)

In March it is time for school reports as here in India. The school year starts in April.

Also this year we have so many extraordinary students. We are extremely proud that our children were able to 'Bring Home' a total of 9 awards from their schools.

We are very proud to report that one of our children a young girl. Who lived just a few years ago on the streets received an award for ‘Best Student’ in her school. We also have to add that this was just not any ordinary school but one of the best private schools in Delhi.

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Food Donations - (February, 2010)

In February we received a wonderful surprise. The hotel manager at Claridges hotel in Delhi, Oliver Martin has promised to supply our Sunshine children daily with prepared food that the hotel no longer requires. So starting at the beginning of February we are sending an auto rickshaw everyday to the hotel with a large styrofoam box that is filled with goodies for the children. Some days it is just bread rolls and croissants, and on other days it is fresh fruit and vegetables and other types of food.

Fundraising campaigns during the second half of 2009 - (January, 2010)

After the successful support action of the HelpAlliance and the introduction of the child support programme during the first half of the year (See News February and May 2009), many people also came forward during the second semester and helped to support the children of the Sunshine Project.

The 'Primary School Falkenstein' organized a Sunshine Bazaar for the benefit of the children, which was outstanding in terms of commitment and creativity. Waffles were home baked, friendship bracelets were tied, amber chains were threaded, bindis were sold and last but not least, bollywood dancing was learnt and performed. Even the website (www.grundschule-falkenstein-taunus.de) and the press information were professionally organized by staff and parents.

Such great dedication can only be rewarded with success. A proud sum of 1107 Euro was collected, which will be used to finance new english teachers for the children for one whole year.

The school pupils of the Falkenstein School had the wonderful idea to paint a large canvas with the logo of the Sunshine Project, including signatures of all their children. It was framed and now hangs in our classroom, reminding us of all the little and big friends we now have in Falkenstein. In return, our children painted the same image with their signatures and have sent it to Germany. We trust that this newly founded German Indian friendship will continue for a long time and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all primary school pupils, parents and teachers for this unique initiative.

Another charity action was organized by 'Maarit Cremer Seibel'. Who also sponsors one of the children of the Sunshine Project.

Under the theme 'Everybody needs a guardian angel'. She called in befriended artists to design and to donate art objects relating to this theme. There were painted angels on canvas, angels as candle holders, angels printed on bags, embroidered angels on T-shirts and angel dolls. We received the entire proceeds of this initiative, and we are thankful for the commitment and are thrilled by such creativity.

'Manuel Grebing' (Also child sponsor) and his wife Susanne asked their guests for a donation for the project at their wedding ceremony. From the proceeds we were able to buy warm knitwear for the children for the cold season. Here again our sincere thanks for this kind gesture. This winter was exceptionally cold and the jerseys etc. were a great help.

Around Christmas, charity events were reported to us almost daily:

There was a 'Charity Baking' function, organized by the 'Claridges Hotel in Faridabad' (www.claridges-hotels.com). While the children were cutting cookies and were taken on a guided tour around the large scale kitchen, the mothers were given a culinary treat. The participation fee of 20 Euro per child was fully donated to the project. We would like to thank for this initiative and we sincerely hope that this event will be repeated in the next Christmas season and will again attract numerous children.

Also at our home 'Julia and Ecki Hillebrecht' a baking event was held with 17 children. The dough and the decorations were donated and Kuku sewed take home cookie bags in Christmas style. In order to cope with the large amount of cookies, several baking ovens were borrowed from the mothers.

After Christmas the proceeds of this event, which came from a voluntary donation of the mothers of the 17 children, were used to organize a bus trip with all the Sunshine Kids to the planetarium of Delhi. Events like these prove that a great deal can be achieved without excessively exerting oneself.

'The German School of New Delhi' (www.dsnd.de) donated warm blankets, one for each child. On the 6th of December, the children each received a chocolate on St. Nicholas Day celebration. Especially the warm blankets were very needed for during this cold winter. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the German School for considering us each year when their donation funds are distributed.

The German Embassy of New Delhi (www.new-delhi.diplo.de) requested all German children who attended the St. Nicholas' day celebration at the embassy to bring along an extra present. So that the Sunshine Kids would also have a Christmas gift to unwrap. So many big sacks were filled with presents which could later given to thrilled and delighted children. Many thanks to all children of the German community in Delhi. You have really brought happiness to the Sunshine children.

'Silvio Mondello', sponsor of two children and at all times a very generous donor, organized a men's evening before Christmas at which each guest had to deposit a one hundred Euro note on the table. Since Silvio took care of the food bill for the evening. He could determine what the donated money was to be used for. Fourteen men were treated to dinner by Silvio. So you can easily work out how much money was given to us. Silvio you are great. Many many thanks and you even went and doubled the sum of this generous donation from your own pocket. We are still considering which purpose we would like this money to be used for. We will keep you updated.

We know of several donors who requested their clients to consider the project cause in their annual Christmas letter. Some of them, rather than practicing the traditional distribution of Christmas presents to their clients, donated money to the project instead. In many Christmas e-mails, referrals to the Sunshine project were made. Here we would like to share with you a particularly lovely mail which was sent by 'Claudia Menges' to her clients.

We would like to thank those who have initiated such letters, but we are also appreciative of all clients who have sympathized with the project and who have had forego their Christmas presents.

Last but not least, a very big 'Thank You' goes to all the people who have considered us in the Christmas season and who have been so generous.

Unfortunately due to the corruption in the Indian postage system several Christmas parcels sent from Germany did not arrive at all or Kuku had to bribe the mail man in order to receive parcels. For the future we recommend that only letters are to be sent by post and that money should be best transferred separately via bank account. If you send us an e-mail stating the sum and name of the child. We will gladly purchase a present on your behalf. We will inform all child sponsors about this in a separate e-mail.

Towards the end of the month all responsibility bearers of the Sunshine Project will come together in order to discuss the best use for donated money. Of course we will keep you updated.

Thank You

Launch of our Homepage - (September, 2009)

As the spreading of the influenza virus H1N1 would have had disastrous effects on our after school care centre. We have taken prophylactic measures. The temperature of each child will be measured daily before entering the facilities. In addition the children must wash and disinfect their hands before coming in. For this purpose an ear thermometer as well as large quantities of disinfecting agent were purchased.

In the case of a raised temperature the child will be taken to the doctor who will take a throat swab, testing for influenza A. Only if the test shows a positive, a blood test for H1N1 will be carried through, since this is very costly. Furthermore a thorough briefing with the respective family regarding hygiene and quarantine will be conducted.

We hope that these measures will help to keep this disease far away from our children.

The swine flue reaches India – We React - (November, 2009)

We are happy and proud to be able to present a platform for our wonderful Sunshine Project starting from this month onwards.

Since we wanted to connect the launch of the homepage with the appeal for funds for Christmas 2009 everything had to fall in place very fast while of course remaining cost effective.

We hope that you like our homepage all the same.

Although we are no computer professionals we have all thoroughly enjoyed working for this site.

Since we are newcomers on this field we would appreciate positive as well as negative feedback. Under the category 'Guest Book' you may write down the things you like or those that you feel have been neglected. Also we are always thankful for any ideas on how go about receiving new donations.

If the guest book is a little too public for your liking feel welcome to write an email to juliahillebrecht@yahoo.de

Many thanks for your feedback.

On the 22nd of August, it was once again time - (August, 2009)

Kuku and Priti Arora celebrate the birthday of their 110 Sunshine Kids

For us a matter of course but for the Sunshine Kids an extraordinary event to celebrate their birthday with friends and even to receive gifts.

Hardly any of the children know their actual birth date. Kuku and Priti Arora had therefore decided a couple of years ago that the Sunshine Kids would all have a special celebration day on the 22nd of August of each year (This Being the Birthday of Their Son Kabir). Due to generous donations we were not only able to surprise the children with substantial food, sweets, ice cream and balloons but could also arrange a proper party including a clown, a magician and a fake tattoo artist.

There was plenty of laughing, dancing and singing. Everywhere laughing and happy children were to be seen. When it was time to go home in the evening every child received a box of food to take home for a little celebration with their own family. A prettily wrapped birthday gift was also included of course.

The Sunshine Project would like to say thank you to all people who have enriched this day by donating money and goods or taking part in the celebration.

Please have a look at our picture gallery.

Launch of the Child Sponsorship Programme - (May, 2009)

An idea, first expressed by one of our sponsors (Many Thanks to Elisabeth Friebe) is now taking shape.

Within weeks 110 child sponsors were found, supporting the project’s fixed costs through their monthly membership fee of 15 Euro.

Please read more on this topic under the category 'Child Sponsorship Programme'.

The Lufthansa HelpAlliance supports our Project with an incredible sum of 14.354 Euro - (February, 2009)

From this generous gift, a new kitchen, two toilets, a washbasin and a shower cabin could be constructed. (See the Changes in the Picture Gallery).

Due to repeated power failures in Delhi the room in which the children had to stay often reached 50°C. This problem was solved by the purchase of an emergency backup generator for fans, lights and the water based cooler.

All children were equipped with new satchels, school uniform shoes (Compulsory in India), and the school stocked up on stationary sufficient for one year.

Furthermore several computers and a printer were purchased. In order to acquaint the children with their use the HelpAlliance took over the costs for a 6 month computer course.

The children's health is for us a concern of the heart. The donation also allowed for a first thorough medical checkup of the children by a paediatrician.

We would like to use this space to express most sincere thanks for the generous support and the wonderful cooperation we have experienced from the HelpAlliance. No words can describe how much the donation has helped in sparing suffering for the children.